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Value Your “Me” Time And Not Feel Guilty About It

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Anybody who is wanting to start a business, has a business, in the process of making one, or just

needs a little motivation, always remember that your mindset and how you value your time is a huge part of being successful. 

Having a motivated, positive mindset when you want to start a business is so important and it took me the hard way to figure it out. Something I have struggled with but am coming to terms with is that it is okay to not be working 24-7 and having time for yourself. Hustling is all fun and games until you never see your friends and family. I used to feel I had to be doing something literally anything, and if I wasn’t then I would feel guilty. I thought that I was wasting time that could be filled, especially with work. I took jobs that took my attention away from my goals just to feel like I was doing something all the time. I would sit at a job for hours and hours- yeah sure making a little money, but for what? What I didn’t get was, you don’t need to fill off days with work just to feel good about yourself. So what I did instead was I used that time and filled it with things that would motivate and help me with my main goals. In my “spare” time I now write blogs, think of ways to market myself, create and update

my website/logo (check it out on my Instagram), get lunch with people I could connect and work with, I mean I even work out because that helps me mentally. 

If I could suggest anything to help I would say plan goals for yourself ahead of time and say I want to accomplish these by these dates and do it. Even if it’s something little like cooking yourself a healthy meal once a week. When I started making promises to myself and keeping them, it not only helped my mindset but it made me feel like I was using my time wisely to better myself. 


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